Monday, November 23, 2015


I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted here.  It was not intentional on my part, but I do have a rather lame excuse - if anyone is interested in hearing it!

I always write my posts in the evening between 8 and 11 pm; and I usually write for the next day.  I find it easier to write when I can't see out my window by my desk - because when I can see out - my mind wanders, so evening is perfect, because it is dark out, it is quiet downstairs ( Molly has been out and is asleep, Gary usually is down in the man cave) and I am free to let my thoughts gather so I can write.


W network has been showing Christmas movies every day for weeks now, and will continue to do this until Christmas.  Have I told you what a sucker I am for those sappy, hokey Christmas movies?  Well I am.  We have been recording them every day, and yes - every evening between 8 and 11 - guess what I have been doing?

Believe it or not - I have yet to come across one that I have already seen - which is pretty unusual, I think.... but there it is!

I don't want to make myself sound lazy or anything.  I have also been hard at work at making gifts, and I have even started my Christmas shopping!

Last Friday night was the Christmas Parade and Moonlight madness where businesses stayed open all evening.  My cousin Lorne and his wife Debra, joined us for the evening and we took in the festivities.  It was not a bad evening outside, we had a bit of snow on the ground, so we watched the parade as it went past our house, and then we walked downtown to do some shopping.   It was a fun evening - made more so, because we shared it with them!

I thought I had set up my camera so I could take night shots, but sadly I let the floats get too close to me and all my pictures turned out the same - black background with big colourful orbs across the photos... not too swift.

Guess I need to do a lot of practicing when it comes to night photography.

What little snow we had then, has all melted, but the next few days we are supposed to get more snow and colder temperatures, so perhaps this time it will stick around.

I am going to leave you with something very close to my heart.  My son was a boy chorister for many years and so it became commonplace for us to listen to the most beautiful music all year long, but most especially at Christmas.  Four years ago I too joined a very special choir where this music was appreciated and performed regularly.

Have a listen to  "WHAT SWEETER MUSIC", by John Rutter, performed by The Choir of King's College, Cambridge  in the UK.  This takes me back to when my son belonged to just such a choir as this... and John Rutter's compositions are a particular favourite of mine.


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