Monday, November 9, 2015


I had a lovely weekend - hope you all did too!

On Saturday Gary and I took a drive to Plumas Manitoba to attend their Christmas Craft Sale and because it was a beautiful sunny day and not too bad temperature- wise I took my camera out for some much needed exercise.

We sort of take the back roads to Plumas when we go there now, and we pass right through the community where my Mother was born and lived until she married my Dad.  There never really was a town there, and it is not on a rail line, but mail is delivered there, and perhaps always was, so maybe that is why is is still on a map today.

The place I refer to is Waldersee Manitoba.  At one time there was a store, a school, a church  - now there remains only a church and a couple of houses beside that property.  My Grandparent's original home and farm was a mile or two northeast of the church and that is where my mother grew up.  She attended the one room school there and graduated in 1937.

The school my Mother attended is no more, but this school which sits just past the church, is very much like the one my Mom went to as a child. I actually thought this was Mom's school, but a cousin who has lived in this community all her life, was able to fill me in on the correct information. We pass this school house every time we go to Plumas, this is the first time in many years that we actually stopped so I could get some pictures.

I did some editing on the original colour photo and came up with this photo, which I want to print and hang on a wall here in my new home.  

I love old buildings, and this one is wonderful...what a story it tells!

The Church at Waldersee is a Lutheran Church and always has been.  My Great Grandfather helped build this church.  He rests behind it in the cemetery there, as do my Grandparents, many Aunts and Uncles and cousins.

I still have family members who attend this church, and since we have moved here Gary has been working in the church, trying to restore the old organ that sits up in the balcony now silent for many years.

My connection to Waldersee is strong, and I feel that connection every time I am near this area.  Since moving here, I have felt so close to my Mom... I think this church and this school and this piece of history is why I feel this way.

I drive down this stretch of narrow highway and I can imagine her walking down gravel roads nearby on her way school with her siblings and cousins.  I see a open field and ditches filled with prairie grasses and I know she has been here.  I see this church, and I know she has knelt and prayed here.  I see headstones with my family's names written on them - and I know to whom I belong.

It is a spiritual thing and it gives me a measure of peace that I have never felt before.

My next pilgrimage will be to take my camera down the gravel road northeast of this church, to where my Grandparents homestead was.  The house was still standing several years ago when we went with my cousin and his wife to see it.  We were able to go into the house and it was an amazing experience indeed.  As we left the property that day, I noticed a section of the chimney from the house lying on the ground.  I picked it up and took it home with me...  An old Chimney to some, but to me a priceless piece of my heritage.


  1. Dale thanks for this. I have found it interesting to hear about this location and Grandma. I for one know little of about her beyond Winnipeg. It is stuff like this that if I can ever get out there I will stop and see the place. Like you it is nice to have the connection. I find it comforting to know more about where everyone came from, since I always think of Grandma as Grandma, not as a young person growing up. I have already learned more about her just from this post alone.

  2. When you come, we will take you there... it is only about 30 minutes from here, and a great opportunity to see some of your heritage.