Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I am going to go on yet another mini-rant today.  I discovered something yesterday while shopping at the IGA in a little town near here, that has me really buzzed.

But first - the snow has not materialized... I think we have escaped that for now - good thing too, because we have just realized that we don't have a snow shovel.  We left it behind for our son when he bought our home in the Peg - we will remedy that very very soon, needless to say!

So, no snow - we decided we should go and pick up a couple of things in case it does snow - and we just felt like getting out for a bit - so we drove down the highway to our favourite little shopping mall in St. Rose Du Lac.

We love the IGA store there, it is small by city standards, but it far surpasses any city store in quality, and prices.  I needed a few basic staples like milk, butter, flour.  We were ready to check out and I discovered I had forgot to get flour, so  I backtracked through the store thinking how great it would be if I could get a 10 lb  bag of flour for a really good price.

Bingo - there was a sale.  A 10 lb bag of PRARIE FLOUR MILLS  flour, made in Elie Manitoba -  for $7.49.

What?  Never heard of Prarie Flour Mills flour before, Elie is less than an hour away from Winnipeg, how come I have never seen this flour in any store in Winnipeg?

I bought a 10 lb bag, we made a few more stops at a couple of little shops where I am becoming known as a regular; stopped at Chicken Chef for lunch, then headed home.

I got right on the computer and checked out PRARIE FLOUR MILLS...


They have been in business a long time, and an article was written about them in the Winnipeg Free Press Dec 14, 2012 - stating they ship flour to major American Cities such as New York!

So if they can ship to great big New York City and they can ship to little old rural St.Rose Du Lac - how come not  to right down the road, Winnipeg?

Wanna bet it is not the flour company but the Winnipeg retailers at fault here?  They most likely have contracts with the big companies from all over the world, when home grown is right next door.

This is flour made from wheat grown right here in Manitoba!  You bet I am going to rant about this.  To my way of thinking, this flour should be the only flour we see on our grocery store shelves here in Manitoba!

Now that I know this company and their product exist - you won't catch me buying any other flour ever again.

Now I can't wait to get baking!

Is it too early to start Christmas baking?

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  1. You go girl! I mean you go bake your lil' heart out and send me some..lol j/k!!