Thursday, November 5, 2015


It has been over a week since we saw the sunshine.  For Manitoban's anywhere in this province, that is a long time to be without sun.  I need the sunshine to get myself going in the morning.  I can go a couple of days, but after that I feel myself beginning to drag.

That has been the case here, all week.  I have lots of plans for my days, but no energy to get going on anything.  I can see how easy it could be to become melancholy and blue on these gray days.

I struck me in one of those melancholia moments this week, that November marks a year since our beloved Molly went blind.  To be honest there have been a few times in the past year that I wondered if we would loose her - like the rest of us, she has her good days and her not so good days.

Her blindness causes her to loose her balance sometimes, she steps out cautiously and sometimes falters. She stumbles between pavement and turf - she can't see the difference, and if I don't stop and let her feel the difference slowly - she falls.

Even so, her spirit and her determination is just plain amazing.  We all could learn so much from animals like her.  She hasn't given up on herself - and we haven't given up on her!

But life with Molly can be trying.  We are not saints, and sometimes we grumble - especially now that we can't just open the door and let her out to do her business.  Each time she goes out now requires one of us to go with her.  Whether it be two in the afternoon, or two in the morning, whether it be sunny and warm, or cold and raining or snowing!  We have to put her on a leash, take her outside, down three cement stairs and lead her to the yard.  Daylight or No light - the routine is the same.  She doesn't know the difference, but we do.

We sometimes get to feeling sorry for ourselves, until we stop and chat with people on our daily walks with Molly.  People are so taken with her, and so surprised when they hear she is blind - and pride in her replaces every other emotion we might have been feeling just a moment before.

She has her struggles, but she is still happy - the tail still wags for hugs and massages, and she still gives the sweetest dogie kisses I have ever received.  She is not in pain, but she does love to whine when she doesn't get her own way - why not - she's a female - she's entitled!

This year has taught us so much about Molly and about ourselves.  Her love for us is unconditional, as ours is for her.

I hope we have our blind dog for many more Novembers to come, I just can't imagine our life without our Molly in it - blindness and all!

                                                                     . . .

The weekend is here, and they say tomorrow the sun will shine!  I am counting on that forecast and have made plans to head to Plumas for their craft sale and to pick up and get lessons on how to set a Mole trap from my cousin Lorne.  Looking forward to both events tomorrow!

Have a Great weekend everyone - Stay safe!

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