Thursday, October 15, 2015

Celebrating Six Decades!

I hadn't intended on taking a couple of weeks to return here - but intention or not - here I am, tardy it seems!  Sorry for the delay, but it has been a busy time here in the country.

Gary and I are busy getting the yard ready for winter.  In the city this is a days job - not so here.  We have been trimming trees and bushes, turning the vegetable garden, trying to finish clearing some of the flowerbeds ( I have been working on this since we moved here).  We had everything looking great and then the wind storms hit.  Now the property is littered with pine cones, pieces of trees, branches and leaves, and so we start again... Only now the days for working outside are numbered - snow clouds loom to the West most mornings.  Luckily by noon they have gone elsewhere - so far!

The other events of the past days have been Thanksgiving and my 60th birthday!  Jonathan and Breanne came out for the weekend to help us celebrate both events, and we had such a great time together. Of course moments like these sweep by so quickly, and are gone - but the memories bring smiles to our faces and comments from our lips for weeks and months beyond.

Six decades of life is a celebration for anyone who reaches it, more so when you have fought and won against cancer.  Ten years ago I did not even believe I would reach this point.  Now that I have, I have aspirations to reach seven decades, God willing!

Sixty years is a milestone in itself, but the surprise of my life brought to me from Jon and Breanne made it extra special.

I have been dreaming, hoping, pining even; pretty much all my adult life to one day be able to own a spinning wheel.  It is the one craft I have always wanted to do that stayed at arms length from me - I thought forever.  I dabbled with it a bit when my neighbour from New Zealand moved in and showed me the process, and then let me try one of her wheels  - which was awesome.   But it also made me realize that to spin one needed much more than a wheel... sheep had to be handy as well.  She had totes of raw wool brought along from her homeland, but that wouldn't be the case for me.

So when the kids were making a big production of hauling a sort of gift-wrapped huge weird shape from the car to the back lawn my thoughts were that Jon had had something made for the yard at the wood shop at the school.  They do things like that - they make planters, and garden sheds and yard ornaments....

Okay - so one of the worst pictures of me ever - but so what - I am so ready to explode with joy - I had taken a peek and know whats in there!

I was in shock when I peeked inside and saw a beautiful antique Saxon Spinning Wheel under all that paper and cardboard.

I think I screamed ( actually I know I did - someone has a video of it) and then of course, I bawled like a baby!

That set the tone for the entire weekend... It was just one beautiful surprise after another, it seemed.

On Monday, my cousin and his family showed up with a beautifully decorated cake made by his daughter and her little one, and we celebrated once again.  I had extra special help blowing out my candles that day...  Isn't he adorable?

I received over 100 greetings in emails, phone calls, cards, Face Book and in person.  I am truly overwhelmed and so very grateful for each and every one.  Thank You from the bottom of my heart - you made reaching Six Decades Unforgettable Indeed!

Did I mention sheep?   Till next time!

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  1. I hope you are enjoying your spinning wheel, Dale. I have a cousin in Oregon who spins her own wool and knits prayer shawls. I couldn't imagine doing such a thing, but whatever makes you happy!