Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Today is our Thirty First Wedding Anniversary.  All those years ago, we never imagined the life journey we would take together.  It has been the best 31 yrs of my life and I look forward to another 31 years with my wonderful husband, and very best friend.

                                              Happy Anniversary, Gary!  I Love You!

We just took yet another life journey together - we retired and moved to the country... it has been an experience like none other -


We have been here 3 months already!  Sometimes it seems we have lived here forever.

We are settling - settling into the house - the get up in the morning, spend the day, and go to bed at night kind of settling - no longer are we just visitors in this house.  We have made our mark on its walls with new paint, we have left our smells within it's walls (cookies baking, a turkey in the oven), we have hosted guests to visit it, even to sleep overnight in it.  We are here - we are staying!

We are settling into the yard - you laugh and say, "What's to settle into a yard?"

Plenty - when the yard is in the country.  I have encountered snakes (grass/garter); huge big lumpy toads, who sit like a rock on the ground, until you reach to throw the rock out of your way, and then it moves!  Moles - those unsightly devils that make mountains of dirt all throughout your garden, and devour all your precious earthworms.  Gophers - who dig holes the size of a post hole, big enough for your foot to fall into so that you can give your ankle a real good twist!  I have made up my mind to welcome these critters, embrace them even, because chances are they have been here longer than me, so we will get along - We are here - we are staying!

We have settled into the birds - which has been an absolute treasure and pleasure beyond description.  So many varieties, so many songs,  so many beautiful neighbours just a window away, everywhere you look.  I have plans to include their habits and habitats into my future landscaping plans - We are here - we are staying!

We are settling to the community.  We don't feel like the "new folks" anymore.  People know us by name now.  Good mornings with the locals take 20 minutes now, instead of just a wave and a word!

We are familiar at the grocery store, the diner, the library, the recycle store, the gas station, the clinic, the hardware store, the post office.  We are working on becoming familiar at the church, the community center, the skating rink, the curling rink, and maybe even the senior center.  We are progressing!

We have planned for the winter, and are making many plans for next spring and summer.

We are here - we are staying!

Three months down the road of our new life, and we are settled - and very happy that we took this road to begin with.

We have traded many busy noisy cluttered roads, for a few quiet ones.

We have traded concrete jungles, for mountains.

We have traded obstructed skies, for endless stars and constellations, large and bright enough that you feel you could just reach up and touch them.

We have traded airplanes for Eagles, Hawks and Owls.

We have traded migraines, for nothing much on our minds at all.

Boy - are we here - Definitely YES - We are Staying!

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