Friday, October 16, 2015


Introducing Archie!

The fellow in my banner who is standing with his skis looking with longing at the hills to the west is Alpine Archie.  He stands prominently at the edge of town on Highway 5 facing the Riding Mountains.  He was built to commemorate the 1979 Canada Winter Games which were held at our own Mount Agassi, just up the mountain from here.  He has since become our town mascot.

From the front he is a whimsical fellow with a welcoming, if not somewhat bemused smile.
From the back: he looks to be waiting.

A few days ago Gary and I were on our walk, and we happened to be on the street behind Archie.  I got a totally different feeling looking at him from this angle.  He seems lonely, maybe even somewhat melancholy... most certainly waiting...  That is what I call my banner picture... WAITING!

Could be he is waiting for Agassi to re-open?   It has been shut down for years, due to a land dispute.   It is every one's wish in this community for it to re-open, the ski hill brought revenue to this town, many things here were developed because of it.   Or, maybe Archie is just waiting for snow...

It's coming Archie - better wax up those skis!


So - I mentioned sheep last post.  I have the wheel, and it is in excellent working condition.  It needs a cleaning and a polish and a new drive train string, but otherwise it is good to go.

When I was unwrapping it outside on the lawn, an elderly couple from town just happened to be walking by on the sidewalk.  When they saw the spinning wheel, they stopped to admire it, then learning it was a birthday present, wished me a happy Birthday; then realizing we were one of the new couples in town, welcomed us to the community - and then they asked if I knew where the sheep farm was.

I am sure they got a blank stare from me because I was still in a joyous fog.  "Oh Yes," they said, "We have a sheep farm here, she sells her wool locally and across the country."

Well my heart beat a happy dance.  How was it possible that everything could fall into place so quickly and so well for this craft I have been longing to do for over 40 yrs?  They gave me the name, and I contacted the lady and we are going there this weekend.

And just how perfect is that!

By this time next week, I hope to be spinning on my own wheel.  My friend Elaine, who has spun for years warns that at first I will most likely be making wire, as the novice spinner tends to over twist the wool... I am sure that will be the case with me too... but hopefully it won't take me long to get the correct hand and foot movements going to produce beautiful yarn for Christmas knitting! 

Here's Hoping!


NEXT WEEK: - Hoarding Basics...

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