Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Today we are heading down the highway to Dauphin Manitoba.  They have a Walmart, and I am in severe Walmart withdrawal since moving to the country!

This Walmart however is probably the smallest I have ever seen, it reminds me of the very first Walmart that ever existed.  Can you say, small?   Can you say cramped?  Well you know what I mean!

Never -the -less it is indeed a Walmart and we need to go there.  The nearest Super Walmart is 90 minutes away, this little one is 40 minutes, so we will go to the little one - for now!

I need Halloween candy - seriously, from all accounts we need A LOT of Halloween candy!  We also need Christmas lights, and I need a bird feeder.  Yup, I still need that bird feeder.

I see the birds looking around the yard for one and then flying down the street.  I am missing some awesome photo shoots, so I have to get me a bird feeder.  I should have thought about this much sooner - I could have got some wood and made several, but I left it too long, and now its too cold to be outside in the garage building anything.

I also need to go to Canadian Tire and buy a Mole trap.

  OMG!  That beast is still out there digging tunnels everywhere.  I am way past done with that varmint... he has to go... I am not sure how I will react when I actually have to look at this creepy individual!

Gary and I were discussing just who is going to be the one to remove him from the trap, assuming we do catch him... we haven't come to any agreement on that as yet!

So we are on our way out on a shopping expedition... it is another gloomy day here... Maybe a good day to shop.  We have some pretty long lists... hopefully we will be able to find everything we are looking for.

Wish us luck!

Oh and guess who moved down to the kitchen?  Although they didn't stick around, yesterday was a day for flake spotting in our neck of the woods!

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