Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Did you catch the Lunar Eclipse on Sunday night?

Out here in the country is was so big and bold, and what was really awesome was that while you stood outside with your camera, all the constellations were just as big and bright as the moon.  It was so beautiful.  I even saw a shooting star as I stood waiting for something to happen.

My only complaint is that the whole event was so poky.  Standing outside in the dark around here can be a bit eerie... I kind of was waiting for something to brush up against my leg.  I could hear dogs barking and kicking up a fuss all over town, which usually means there is a skunk or some critter around but maybe they were sensing the phenomenon in the sky and reacting to it.

My dog was fast asleep on her bed in the nice warm house.  She had had her evening walk, her carrots and she didn't give a hoot what was going on outside the back door.

I managed to catch a few good shots at the beginning of the show, but I was having trouble with my tripod and my lens.  Wouldn't you know an event like this, and the camera wants to act up.

Here are the pictures from the beginning, right after the last picture shown here, my camera said enough.  Too bad, it would be nice to have said I got it all myself.  They are not the clearest pictures, but then again, I don't have the best of lens either.... Oh well...

While I waited I was fooling around with the camera and kind of liked the look of my garden light in the flower bed.  This picture didn't turn out very well, but you get an idea where my eye was heading...

Because I was using manual settings, I could not see the shot I was getting until I downloaded to the computer, but now that I have seen, I am going to go back out and try this shot again, and hopefully I will get what I want the next time.

Sometimes taking manual pictures on a digital camera can be a little frustrating, and I have a lot to re-learn with manual photography.  I knew it once when an SLR was a SLR - but thanks to technology I have forgotten almost all that in favour of convenience.  Now that I have nothing but time on my hands, I look forward to learning this craft all over again.

And I have a really great advisor in my nephew, Scott.  He is doing some really great work with the camera, and still learning as he goes...a good fella to have handy!

Happy shooting!

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