Sunday, January 11, 2015

Our World Through My Lens.

Have you noticed the difference in my pictures since a year ago?  That is because after I  lost my job last year, my sweet husband decided to surprise me with a new camera.

He didn't buy me one, he asked me if I was to get a different camera, what would I buy?

He already knew part of the answer to that question, because I have be whining about wanting a SLR ever since my 35mm camera and all my lens were stolen, about 10 yrs ago.

He insisted we go camera shopping, so off we went one day to look at cameras.  What I really wanted was not affordable, and I knew that before we even left home.  So I decided to try and get the biggest "shot" for my money.

I wanted a Nikon and I wanted something with some flexibility and with some room to grow.

What I ended up with was a D5100.  It is not high- end, but it has everything I need, and what the basic camera is missing, I can acquire over time.  It is HDR - I have an 18-55mm lens, which is a good place to start, and already I know the next lens I will be adding to the camera.

I love the clarity of the photos it takes.  In fact I love everything about the this little camera.  I find myself reaching for it everyday.

I still haven't even learned a quarter of it's capabilities, but I am experimenting with it more and more as I go along.

Of course one of my favourite subjects is dolls, but I think I get some of my best results shooting flowers.

Here are a couple of pictures I took in the garden last summer.

These are all from my own yard, but this spring and summer, I plan to take the camera with me whenever I go walking.  The possibilities are endless, and there are some awesome gardens in my neighbourhood.

I am so happy my husband took me shopping that day.  This new camera has sparked something inside of me that had been missing for a long time.  What joy it is to see the world through the lens of a camera, and better still - to be able to capture what I see and share it with others is a precious gift for sure!

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