Monday, January 12, 2015

Cutting Some Slack!

I have totes full of yarn, and I have totes full of fabric.  None of the yarn is enough of one colour or kind to make even a sweater, none of the fabric is enough to make even a dolls dress.  I am not a hoarder, so why do I have these totes full of fiber that are really starting to drive me nuts!

I guess because I keep thinking that someday I will put all the bright colours together and make something wonderful - scarves, mitts, afghans - quilts, wall hangings, pot-holders.

It is not for lack of inspiration that the totes remain full.  Inspiration abounds from sites such as Ravelry, Craftsy, Freepatterns. com, Pinterest, etc etc etc!

Darn it all anyway, that alone drives me nuts - seeing all these great creations, knowing full well I have the supplies and talent to make it happen.... and still?

Here's the thing!

Somehow I have become a TV watcher.  Yikes - not me!  No, No, Never!

Yup - sad to say.  I have become hooked on Netflix, Shomi, TCM...   Shows, movies, new stuff, old stuff, until the PVR is full...  It's really bad.

What is worse yet is I watch without a needle or a hook in my hand.  I watch with my feet up, my tea cup full and my attention unwavering... Told you it is bad!

I think it's a mind thing.  My mind is still not at the happy place it should be.  Stress from a difficult job and difficult people continues to pull me down to the point that all I want to do is sit and stare at a TV screen.  It surely does not help matters at all that my son gave me his 40 " HD TV when he got an even bigger one!

Maybe I shouldn't beat myself up about it so much.  Who says people can't change?  Where is it written that just because I have always been a crafter in my spare time, I have to be one now?

Okay - I feel better.  Thanks for the support.

Think I'll go and watch last Sunday night's episode of Downton Abbey!

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