Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wandering Mind and Very Sore Hands...

I have been trying to finish three knitted sweater sets for 18" dolls which I will sell, but it seems my hands are telling me that is not going to happen.

Not sure why, but my left hand, especially around my thumb is extremely painful all the time.  Makes no difference if I am using my hand or just sitting quietly watching TV without moving it.  I went to see the doctor yesterday and he didn't seem to be all that concerned about it - ordered an x-ray and a blood test and told me to use Voltaren  cream - but the fact is I can't use that hand much, and that is not a good thing for me.

I type all day at work, and I have been altering my typing so I don't have to use that thumb, same thing with knitting.  I am holding my work completely different, so now I am more prone to dropping stitches.. perhaps it is a good thing I tend to knit a bit on the tight side.

I have my work table cleared off, with the intention of making some of my fairies for sale.  But while I am on that subject, I found the cutest grandpa Faerie at the thrift store on the weekend.  As usual I was there to drop off a load of stuff, and ended up buying more.  I found an incredible stash of sewing notions that I will be able to use on my doll clothes and other projects...

Some porcelain heads and hands that I will turn in to Christmas ornaments:

And this wonderful large Faerie, who know is sitting in the sun room, watching over my indoor garden:
And I didn't even spend 10.00 for everything!  I love days like that!

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