Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God Bless our Home and Native Land!

I wasn't kidding when I said  "Bring on Summer"!  Sheesh is it HOT!  But it is what we asked for...

Personally, for some dumb reason - I am enjoying the heat this year.  I almost never enjoy heat - but this year I am craving it.  It was very hot and humid all weekend here - I had 4 days off and the majority of it was spent outdoors.

I wasn't really exerting myself much - aside from pulling a weed or two (literally) and watering the garden, I mostly just sat outside in the shade and did some hand work.  Our patio is mostly shade (thank you, Elm trees) and I discovered if one sits close enough to the AC unit (not difficult on my little patio) one actually can feel a bit of a breeze from the madly spinning motor!  Seriously!

Ice tea (lots of it) some home-made weight watcher Popsicles (lots of them) and the odd spritz of cold water to the face, and the heat is beat!

This in much preferable to the wall to wall people at the lakes and beaches.  You have to really enjoy crowds to venture there.

There was a huge 3 day street festival in celebration of Canada Day within walking distance - but we stayed away.  There was a concert right on our corner a 1/2 a block away - but we stayed away.  There was some, not so bad fireworks, I'm told, not too far away - but we stayed away.  Boring people?  Maybe.  Content?  Definitely!

But still one can't possibly pass this weekend without wishing our beautiful Canada a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  So HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA!

and never to be forgotten - our good neighbours to the south.


God Bless our Countries!

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