Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lilies in the Fields!

I am going to be doing a bit of work on my site over the next few weeks - so please bear with me as I move things around a bit. 

In the meantime, work is progressing on the sewing cabinet.  I have quite a bit of the ugly brown paint stripped off, and I estimate if I continue at the pace I'm going now, I should have the entire piece ready for sanding and staining by the weekend.  Why anyone would do this to hardwood is beyond me.

It doesn't look it at the moment - but it is going to look so much nicer when I get it done.

Switching topics I want to mention the nasty little buggers that have devastated my Lilly bed.  Do you have lilies?  If so beware of the bright red Lilly Beetle.  They are almost orange-red in color and if they get going on your lilies, and you don't stop them, they can pretty much finish them off for good.

I first heard about these beetles last year from my neighbour, but at the time I did not have any in my garden.  Not so this year.  They have attacked my Tigers and Trumpets and pretty much wiped both species out.  They seem to prefer these smaller type plants along with the Asiatics and Orientals.  They fly, but essentially they lay their eggs in the ground and in spring work their way up the plant, chewing as they go until there is nothing left.

There is no chemical or spray available to use, the only real method of controlling them is to pick them off and smash them with a rock.... ugh!  To control them one needs to do this morning and evening - and this is why my bed has been depleted.  I already get up at 5:30 am for work - no way am I getting up even earlier for a stupid red beetle.

I decided to try and save my plants so I dug them all up and put the bulbs in a baggie (for now).  I might try and sterilize them by dipping them in a bleach solution and then potting them in some fresh soil.  I might loose them anyway - but at least I will have tried everything I know before hand.

There is lots of information about this pest on the net - apparently it has been around a long time.

So do your lilies a favour, read up, check you plants morning and evening and get the rocks handy!


  1. Cabinet is looking good Dale.

    Try getting you a bottle of sudsy water to collect your beetles. Enlist the help of some neighborhood kids because most kids LOVE to collect bugs . We do this with the Japanese beetles that eat our stuff alive. Better than having to smash them on rocks

  2. I read somewhere if you mix veg oil and sunlight soap with some water and spray them - they will perish. I haven't tried this but think I might before I tear out the rest of the bed...