Sunday, July 8, 2012

The right Place at the Perfect time!

Another beautiful weekend has come and gone, and it seems that the summer is moving along much too quickly.

Gary and I are spending every moment we can in our tiny little patio area.  It seems we haul everything outside so we can enjoy the beautiful warm summer days.  I have friday's off all summer long so we try to do all our running around early friday morning so we can head to the patio for the rest of the weekend.

This past friday we had to take Molly back to the vet for another antibiotic shot, and she really loved her ride in the new car.  She has never been a car dog, but she didn't want to leave the car when we got home.  We did some chores around the house and then headed out to the patio.  After supper I got the itch to get out for awhile, so we decided to head to the thrift store.

I was taking my time going through the craft area very slowly as I always do.  I did manage to pick up 30 meters of tulle, 30 meters of lace and two large rolls of thick edging all for 2.99, so I was quite happy with my finds.  Gary found me wandering around and presented me with a Stitchery book he had found which has crochet, knitting, tatting, embroidery, rug making and macrame stitches in it.  I was excited about that too.

We wandered into the furniture section and there sat an old Singer treadle sewing machine.  I wasn't even going to look at it because usually when I see something like this I get all excited until I find it's priced way out of my means.  Well I did wander just a bit closer and nearly flipped when I saw a price of 19.99 on it.  There were a couple of women hovering around it so I draped myself over it (with my hand covering the price) and pretty much threatened anyone who came near!

Of all times not to have a van anymore.  But it turned out not to be a problem, with the back seat down we had more than enough room in the little Golf for the machine.

I certainly have seen much fancier cases, and someone has painted this one dark brown - however the paint is peeling so badly that I decided to get busy and remove it all.  Before we took it apart we discovered that the machine works.  There is even a needle in place and thread in the bobbin.   I did some research on the net and discovered it is circa 1908 or so.  So all in all I think I did well with my purchase.

I have wanted one of these for years and years - now all I have to do is get it cleaned up and this little heirloom will be lovingly displayed in my home.

But - in all my excitement about the sewing machine - I set the stitching book down in the store, and forgot it there... bummer!

Ho - hum - that's the way it goes some days!

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