Monday, July 16, 2012

Road trip #1

As you can see we did manage to make our little trek out to Junk for Joy!  I am not being unkind when I say, there WAS was lot of junk, with very little joy!

The lady that runs this establishment has been there for over 35 yrs, and it doesn't really look like she has moved any merchandise in that long - however her prices have been adjusted many times over, I'm thinking.  I found her prices way too high for the quality she was selling.   I have seen similar things at other antique stores around the city for much less. 

I toughed out the extreme heat and musty smell to carefully go through all the rooms, and in the end all I could find were  a handful of old metal rollers and some hairpins - both will be very useful in my doll restorations.  I also had found a little Victorian doll purse, which I paid for, but which was not in the bag when I got home - so basically I paid 8.00 for this...

I doubt if I will visit again, anytime soon.

After we had finished at the junk store we drove to Portage La Prairie and headed for Island Park.  I had packed a picnic and so we found a table under some trees, and sat and enjoyed our picnic lunch. 

This was fun, we hadn't done this is years and years, and we vowed right there and then to do this more often this summer.

We poked around Portage for awhile (they have a great thrift store) and then we drove home in the late afternoon heat.

Not a terribly productive day, but so relaxing and fun spent with the best guy in the world.

I can't wait for our next road trip to Victoria Beach in a couple of weeks time.

BTW - the new little care is awesome on the road - a great travelling car for two...

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