Thursday, July 12, 2012

Junk For Joy!

There is a place called "Junk for Joy", about an hour's drive from here.  I have driven past this establishment for as long as I can remember as it's on the highway we take to go out to the farm.  Every time we pass it I think - someday I would like to stop there and have a look.

I think we are going to drive out there tomorrow and have a look around.

I was telling this to a co-worker the other day and she informed me that she has been there several times, and that there is so much stuff there, you need to be able to spend hours and hours to see it all.  There is one main building, and also several out buildings, and she said it's stuffed to the rafters.

Does this sound like a wanna be picker's dream?  I think so - but truthfully my little house cannot hold much more "stuff".  Having said that - this little establishment is close to where my family came from.  Perhaps there will be something similar to the things I have seen in my early childhood,  things that I don't even remember until I see them again. 

Have you ever had that happen to you?  You see something and it reminds you of something else, or someone or someplace -and you can almost remember - but not quite?  Sometimes when this happens to me I think I have dreamed it - but truthfully  - do we really forget things we have seen or touched at some point in our young lives - or are our brains just so clogged with everyday "Junk" that we no longer can recall those little things that tie us to the past.

I try to keep those little things in my head, I am afraid of forgetting them - so a place like Junk for Joy calls to me.  I want to see something from my childhood - I want to be able to exclaim "Oh look - I remember these", I want to be excited to see some little thing that used to attract my attention.

You can call me a dreamer - or a sentimental fool - either fit me just fine...

But I know I'm not alone ...

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