Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting there slowly!

Remember the old machine I bought for 20.00 a couple of weeks ago?  Well I am almost finished stripping the old paint off of it.  I think I have figured out why they painted it a dark color.  Under that dark paint there are three large water rings on the wood.  Obviously someone had plants on the sewing table, which I think is actually quite a common occurrence for these old cabinets.

I know several people who display plants on them - hope they are protecting the cabinet when they do this.

Anyway these rings are proving to be quite stubborn to remove.  My brother who is a great furniture re-finisher says "Keep sanding".  So I'll keep sanding, I just hope I don't run out of wood!

Anyway I am pleased with my efforts so far - now I need to head to the hardware store and select an appropriate stain and top coat.  If I can't get all the ring off the table I might have to choose a bit darker stain than I thought I would use - but hopefully it will all come off.

As you can see there are still a couple of stubborn areas where the paint is attached.  Sweat equity is the key to these coming clean, I'm afraid.  So far I have not used any chemicals to remove the paint, and I'd rather not start now.  I am proud to say I have scraped all the paint off with my puddy knife and scraper. 

I am really anxious to get this project wrapped up and the finished project moved in to the house.  I have cleaned the machine, oiled all it's moving parts and it is ready to be popped back into the cabinet.  I really want to sew something on this old girl.  I have only used a treadle machine once, and it was a thrill to experience something that was created for women in much simpler times.  I don't intend my machine to be merely a plant stand - although it might be that at times.  I want to try and use it a bit -maybe for a simple nine patch quilt or something that does not require any fancy stitching.

Hopefully the next picture will be of the finished product -

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