Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm back!

Has it really been a couple of weeks since I posted here?  And in the process we have moved on to the month of August - summer is half over - I wish it wasn't so!

What have I been up too?  Well this and that.  I had a bit of a medical scare.  I was having chest pains for a couple of weeks - but in true Dale fashion, didn't tell anyone, instead I waited until it was pretty much unbearable before I had it checked out.  In the meantime (in my head) I had myself convinced that either I had breast cancer again and would have to have my second breast removed - even though I know that pain is not really a symptom of breast cancer - but it was that area of the chest that hurt the most.

After I ruled that out I convinced myself that it was indeed my heart.  My Mom passed away at 61 with a major heart attack, and one of my brothers has had a couple of heart attacks, so wouldn't it stand to reason that I would be next?

Luckily I was wrong on both counts.  Turns out I have Costochondritis!  While it's not cancer and not heart related - it is painful.  It is inflammation of the chest wall, caused by an injury usually, and of course right away hubby was telling my doctor how I have been lifting an old Singer sewing machine cabinet all over the patio.  BUSTED!

So for the past 2 weeks, I have been resting, and taking anti-inflammatories for the pain.  It is much improved and I am happy to say I will be able to get back to working on that machine cabinet this weekend.... I hope!

In the meantime I have been doing some sewing.  I sewed a couple of new doll outfits.  I finished my beautiful Cathy's yellow party dress (crocheted) and I bought a few more dolls from the thrift store.

On Tuesday it was Molly's 9th birthday, so I decided to make her a special party.  I created a party table with my dolls, and don't you know the dog played right in there.  It was terribly fun, and I got some really good pictures from it.

So here are a few images of my past couple of weeks.

Cathy's new dress

Molly's 9th birthday

My orchid which blooms every anniversary of my mastectomy.  This is it's 6th bloom going on now.

Bracelets made and sent to me by my friend Charlotte.  One for me, one for Cathy!  What a nice surprise!

A bad storm last Sunday eve.  Left a lot of destruction around our area of the city.

A cake I made from Styrofoam and material

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  1. wow so glad you are allright!!! Will keep you in prayer.

    Love Cathys new dress and Mollys b'day party-too cute.

    And Praise God for the orchid blooms.I know they mean more than just something pretty to look at.

    We've had our fair share of storms in our area this Summer. One took out part of a tree in the back yard but luckily it wasn't even close to the house. Forecast is calling for more nasties in a day or so.