Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silly Scenes!

I am playing around with some different styles for my blog - please bear with me while I play.  I kinda like this one because it's easy to see the content of past-posts without having to go into them from the Archive.  I might leave it like this for a bit, but I still have a few things to figure out.

Yesterday I was telling you about the Chatty Cathy I got in the mail.  If you have been following me for awhile you will already know why I love these dolls so much.  Suffice to say she was THE doll of my childhood.  I asked for her for Christmas from 1962 until I was no longer a child, but Santa never did bring her.  I played with my friends CC's, every girl on the block had one (but me), but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I actually owned one myself.  I have 3 Chatty Cathy's now, and they seem to have formed quite a bond.  I have had the idea running around my brain for some time to write some sort of story based on Chatty Cathy. 

Finally I started TWO different stories.  One a chapter book, and one a children's picture book.  I decided that it would be neat to pose my dolls in scenes in the books and take images for the books, instead of having an illustrator. 

This is a great excuse to play with dolls, actually.  I have to dress them, so out come the outfits - and if I don't have the appropriate one, well then I have to make it!  Then there is the hair - it has to fit the image the picture is trying to achieve.  Then the accessories.  This often involves creative crafting, as in the birthday cake I had to make for the birthday party scene.

I made this little cake from a piece of styrofoam wrapped in pink fabric with little thingies pined all over it.  Way easier than baking, any day!

I needed a reason for a party, and don't you know Molly just happened to be celebrating her 9th birthday, so a party it was - dog and all - and she fit in just great!

The next scene I created was chaos.  Girl chaos! 
What do you get when you put three girls and some clothes in the same room?


I don't know if anyone will actually ever read the books - but it sure is fun putting them together!

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