Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An incredible story!

I had the most amazing thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago.  I was sitting in my rocking chair, crocheting some dish cloths (because mine are beyond finished) and there was a knock on the door.

It was the post-man with a huge box - for me!

Before I got to see who had sent the box I was racking my brain trying to remember if I had ordered anything.  For the life of me, I couldn't think of a single thing that should be arriving in the mail.

Anyway I lugged the big box inside and headed for my chair, and read the return label, and right away recognized my online friend's name and address.  Still I was puzzled.  I had bought some dolls from her a couple of years ago, and I was thinking about buying a large baby doll from her - but then I had found the one in the thrift store - and she knew all this.

So I grabbed my scissors and opened the box.  She had a million plastic bags in there and then my hand hit one that had something in it.  I pulled it out and opened it up and there was a Chatty Cathy doll dressed in a beautiful black and while polka dot dress, new white shoes and socks.  My eyes teared up - of course they would - after all it wasn't just any old doll - it was Cathy!

There was more - out of the box then came a small play doll dressed in a onesi, a bare naked little baby doll and a wee little troll doll with orange hair.  I fished around until I found the note that she always includes with her packages.

Some time before this I had seen  a Chatty Cathy doll for sale on one of our Face book doll club sites.  My on-line friend is also a member there.  I was dealing on a doll but then had to cancel the deal because I needed the money for something else.  Somehow my friend got wind of this and she did a wonderfully incredible thing.

She contacted the lady who was selling the Cathy that I wanted and asked her if she would trade the doll to her for some material.  The lady said yes - because we all know that my friend's stash of material is what beautiful doll clothes are made from!  The switch was made.  The lady got some fabulous material, and my friend got the doll. 

The doll wasn't dressed, in fact she was quite dirty - so she cleaned her up, washed her hair and then proceeded to make a beautiful dress, she put new patent leather shoes on her feet and she sent her to me.


Because she knew how much I would enjoy the doll.

I challenge you to think of who you know that would do that for you... and then I challenge you once more to think of who you have met online, never in person - never having even spoke to this person - that would do that for you?  My point is not to point out how wonderful I am to have such a friend, but to stress that these days, people such as my on-line friend are few and far between.

My on-line friend is not rich - in fact the story gets even better - another on-line friend whom I also have never met or spoken to personally helped her pay for the shipping of the box!

I don't know if you can imagine how incredibly touched - no - that doesn't even come close to the feeling - overwhelmed would be a better word - I felt and still do.  Not because she sent me the doll - but because she values our friendship so much - even though we have yet to meet.

Our world is crazy spinning out of control  - mostly we hear about the bad and the evil and we seem caught up with the rush and selfish business of life.

This is what it should be all about.  Treating each other well - loving each other, helping each other. 

It only takes one small act of kindness to make a difference in someones life.  I hope to pay it forward someday.  I hope that something I do makes someone as happy and overwhelmmed as this one small act of kindness from my friends.

My wish is for all of you to know and befriend such people as my special friends Eva and Charlotte. 



  1. Thank you Dale for the beautiful comments. It was a pleasure to do this for you. You are a very special friend.