Friday, August 3, 2012

The Funniest Thing!

When we went to the Thrift store last week - I managed to rescue three dolls.  (Yes, from now on I am going to insist that is what I am doing when I bring a doll home).  Anyway I found a Dr. Seuss Cindy Lou Who - in brand new condition, which I will probably trade for something else down the road.  I also found an older Canadian play doll, who had the sweetest face, all be it terribly dirty.  I just couldn't leave her there!

The third doll I rescued was not at all a doll I would normally buy - but I bought this one with a specific purpose in mind.  I am making and selling Heirloom quality Christening Gowns /sets.  I crochet them from fine cotton and I thought they would look nice displayed on a baby.  Since there are no real babies around here, my next thought was that a baby-sized doll would be ideal.  Real infant-sized dolls are quite hard to find ( I have been looking).

There, lying on the shelf with all the other abandoned dolls was this large baby doll.  It is not really show-stopping cute  - but I thought maybe with a bonnet and a dress it would pass.  So I bought it, took it home and gave the washable parts a bath (the body is soft cloth) then went to pick it up and all of a sudden it started to giggle.  It startled me so much that I almost dropped it.

I was so surprised - it had not done this in the store.  But what really cracked me up was this:

What a funny doll.  I posted this video on some of the doll sites I belong to, and while there were many collectors who said they had dolls like that that giggled, non winked like mine.

My family are particularly fond of poking this doll in the tummy every time they walk by, which I admit is wearing a bit thin, but still I also have to admit that the corners of my mouth lift each time I hear her giggle.

They have named HER Minnie-Me - which cannot continue.  It's a girl doll!

I'd welcome some name suggestions from anyone who cares to share them.

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