Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy or what?

I had so much fun piecing some crazy quilt blocks together last evening.  I decided that I could make some smaller projects to give as Christmas gifts, but first I needed to practice on some blocks.  I was really getting creative with colors  - daring even.  At one point I went to my mat to trim my square and realized that I couldn't see what I was doing. 

I wear dollar store glasses for close work - magnifiers, really.  Usually I pop them up on my head when I'm not using them, so when I reached up to pull them down, I was kind of surprised they were not there.  I really needed to be able to see to use the rotary cutter so I hunted around until I found them.

There they were laying on my sewing chair - as flat as a pancake.  Apparently I was so engrossed in my work that I sat on them - and didn't even realize I was sitting on them!

Not to worry - they were not broken and with some gentle pressure I was able to bend them back to their original shape  -  you know - the lens at a 90 degree angle from the arms!  Ha!  I was just saying I needed to get a couple more pairs of these as this one pair is overused for sure.  Guess a trip to the dollar store is in store for the weekend.

After a couple of hours I had three 8 inch squares done.  It was sort of like eating chocolate - once one starts it's very difficult to stop.  It wasn't until this morning that I realized that I should have completed the block on a piece of muslin to anchor it.

Oh Dear!

Well I will remedy this on the next block, but in the meantime I intend to embellish these finished blocks tonight while sitting in front of the TV.  I need to practice my embroidery and beading stitches anyway so might as well use my rejects for this purpose. 

Note to self - read all instructions before starting a project!

I am my own worse enemy after all!

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