Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dolly Rescue to the Rescue!

I can't believe its been over a month since I posted here.  I think this is the longest I have been away from this blog ever. 

Every so often life seems to catch up with us, shakes us around a bit and then lets us go so we can get up, dust off our knees and carry on.  So I have been working really hard at dusting off those knees - I think they are sufficiently dusted now I can move along again for awhile!

In the month I have been away I have done a few crafty things.  I have done a bit of sewing (more dolls clothes and a few small quilting projects); I have crocheted and knit (more dolls clothes) but mostly I have concentrated my efforts in my Doll Rescue hobby.

For some time now, I have been picking up used and in many cases abused dolls from thrift stores.  I wash them, fix them, redress them with the intention of reselling them again.  I was concentrating mainly on true vintage dolls, until I happened upon my first interactive doll.  It seems the interactive dolls end up in the thrift stores more frequently than many other kinds, and being newer dolls, I am almost never familiar with the doll until I get it home and check it's markings and look it up on the Internet.

I found a "Baby Loves to Talk" doll... she is 1980's - and highly collectible as there are not may around anymore.  The one I found was dirty but otherwise in perfect condition - and she works very well.  She says many different phrases and is quite adorable, and although I bought her with the intention of reselling - I am finding myself being quite attached to her already.

I'll see if I can get the video uploaded here so you can hear her talking - she is quite adorable.

The second interactive doll I rescued is "Amazing McKayla".  She is one of the "Amazing" series dolls which are still produced and sold today.  This one is from around 2004 she was very expensive new, and like the doll above - has become hard to find, therefore is highly collectible. 
She was is deplorable condition when I got her, she was naked and I really thought there would be nothing I could do with her hair - it was so matted and dirty.  When I researched her I was able to see what kind of clothing she wore, and I discovered that she came with a spoon a jar of peas and a teddy bear - all items she interacts with on some level.  So I went back to the thrift store, hoping I would find the missing items, but although I did not find her toys and food -I did manage to find her outfit, and after several days of work - I managed to get her to look somewhat cute.  Believe me when I say this doll resembles nothing to the one I dragged home last week.

She talks - turns her head to follow your voice - can be rocked to sleep - plays games and is spooky in that she seems to know who you are... aside from her toys and food she is now in wonderful shape.  I will sell her on Ebay once I have exhausted all hope of finding her toys.

I have not taken a video of her as yet - but it's on my to do list.

So this is what I have been up to...

More about the dolls at another time...

Stay well everyone!

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