Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Story

On Sunday a beautiful young woman in her early twenties borrowed her friend's truck and set out to do some errands.  That evening as she was driving home she was broadsided by a speeding vehicle driven by a unlicensed youth, who was drunk and driving a stolen car.

That young woman was one of my followers here - Michelle Lynn. 

Michelle has been hospitalized and is recovering from her injuries.  She is young, and she was strong, but that doesn't mean that she will have an easy recuperation. 

Michelle has been one of three very special young women in my son's life.  Erin, Jillian and Michelle have been the best friends I think my son has ever had.  Michelle and Jonathan went to school together, and she recently joined Luxury Liner - a musical group formed by Erin, Jon and Jillian.  She is the kind of young woman who will befriend someone my age on face book, and actually comment and communicate with you.  She became a follower here on my blog, and I know she has read some of my posts because she has left comments. 

Michelle lost her mother just last year.  At the time I contacted her and told her that if she needed me for anything I would be there for her.   I meant that then, and I mean it now.  I don't know how many "Mother" figures Michelle has in her life - I hope she has many - but I do know that a young woman can never have enough of these.  I was just a little older than Michelle when I lost my Mom.  I know how much I needed and welcomed several "mom's" in my life. 

Times like what Michelle is facing right now, require love and support from family, friends and mom's like me. 

Michelle, I know you won't be reading this post today - but I pray that you may read it soon, when you are recovered from your injuries and once again living your life as you should be. I am so sorry this happened to you, and I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as in the thoughts and prayers of many people you don't even know.  I don't know if you even believe in prayer - but I do - enough for both of us!

I would like to add a comment for the youth that caused this accident.  Young men, the path you have chosen is the wrong one - it will lead you nowhere.  You are sad, weak, stupid and disrespectful.  Perhaps you have never had someone care enough for you to set you straight - if that is the case, I do feel sorry for you, but still you are sad, weak, stupid and disrespectful. 

You will do this again - and maybe next time you will kill someone - maybe it will be someone innocent or maybe it will be yourself.  Would that it be you, at least you did not sacrifice anothers life for your own stupidity.

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