Monday, December 19, 2011

6 days till Christmas - Blessings!

Why is it when you are waiting for something special, the days and hours leading up to that event are filled with excitement and  sometimes dread - but you can't wait for the moment to be there - and then poof - it's over, done... gone!

That is kind of how I felt about our Lesson and Carol service yesterday.  As an individual, it was an event I have attended many times in my past, and one that I have always longed to participate in.  As a choir member of our church, it was an event for which we practiced and worked very hard indeed.  Just moments before we were to go upstairs to start the service, there was an unaccustomed moment of nervousness within this group of singers, that seldom, if ever - is seen on any given Sunday.

And then it seemed - it was over....

Truth be known - as the newest member of the choir - I was most certainly the least prepared for this event, and yet it didn't feel that way when we were singing.  I felt part of a group of exceptional people lead by an exceptional leader and my knowledge or lack of knowledge seemed to fade behind the beautiful music we were blessed to be singing.

I struggled not with the music - but with emotions that were running wild.  I wanted to cry - from sheer joy  - and I did on the last verse of  O Come All Ye Faithful.  I was moved to tears to the point that singing was impossible.


Because so many people were present to hear us sing - among them my 23 yr old son who has been absent from the church for several years.  Also present was my beautiful girlfriend, some co-workers, and another friend who drove 4 hours on a snowy day to support me and our choir.  The knowledge of their love and support, the spirit of the season, and the organ at full sound - spilled me over the top.

What a wonderful feeling - what a wonderful evening.

I must say thanks to our Choirmaster and leader - Blair... thank you, Blair for allowing me to be part of this incredible choir.

Secondly thank you to the Choir members themselves.  Every one has been so helpful and accepting of the "newbie" in their midst.

And the biggest thank you goes to My Lord God, for without him in my heart - I would not be here this Christmas nor would I be writing this today, or singing his message in our beautiful church,  St. Luke's Anglican Church.

My title says Christmas is 6 days away - for me it's already here!

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