Monday, December 12, 2011

13 Days till Christmas - Trimming the Tree

I really did try to write a post for the 14th day till Christmas post, yesterday - but I found myself completely out of time to gather my thoughts let alone put any thought to word, yesterday.

Yesterday was the 3rd Sunday in Advent, and the word of the day was Joy.  It was a joyful day for me.  We (the choir)sang the Magnificat - quite magnificently, I might add....

Then it was home to decorate the tree in the afternoon.  It turned out beautifully as well.  I am so glad that I decided to use our traditional hand-made ornaments instead of buying new ones, like I had threatened a few weeks ago.

I spent a wonderful day with my husband, son, and my two special pets... Molly got a major brush out, and Chip watched you-tube videos with me for about an hour.

I even worked a bit on the last Special Olympic scarf I am doing.  These should all be done by this weekend - I hope!

I did not do any baking as I had planned, but that can be done next week, once our big Lesson and Carol service is over on Sunday.

Here is the end result of our hunt for the perfect tree...

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