Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 days till Christmas! Reaching out!

There are many many people who will be alone this Christmas season.  We all know someone like this, some of us know several.

It could be an elderly person who's family all live a fair distance away, or perhaps all their family have passed on.

Sometimes it is not an elderly, but someone single who has no family nearby.  This person might have friends, but maybe they won't mention the fact that they are going to be alone to their friends, because they don't want to intrude on some one else's family Christmas.

Maybe someone, does have family near by - but the family dynamics are such that even with family living close - that person will be alone.

I remember my nursing days when I worked the ER one Christmas.  The staff told me that Christmas and New Years were the busiest nights for attempted suicides - and indeed they were correct.  We had many that night - of all ages, and all walks of life.

Those of us who have family or friends close to share the season with, rarely give these people a thought.  We willingly drop some money in a Salvation Army kettle, or donate to a homeless shelter - we give to the obvious needy - but what about the ones not nearly so obvious?

It really doesn't take a whole lot of time or energy to make a lonely person feel loved.  A card or even better yet a 10 minute visit with a hug included.  Amazing what that will do for someone who really needs a human touch.

Or how about setting an extra spot at your table and include someone not usually included in your celebrations?   It might just make your Christmas the best ever!

I hope we all are listening to what others are "not" saying.... It could make a secret wish come true, it could save a life!

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