Friday, December 23, 2011

2 days until Christmas - a new poem!

Well we have almost made it to Christmas.

Today is my last day at work until January 2, and I am very happy to be lucky enough to have saved enough vacation days so I could have a wee break over the holidays.

I don't have a lot planned.  I hope to relax, catch up on a lot of reading, perhaps write a bit on my mouse story, and generally be lazy.

I am house and cat sitting for our neighbours, so I will have to get out of my jammies every day - but I am not going near a store that is for certain.

I think the highlight of my week off will be having my friends over for dinner and the evening on the 27th.  There is nothing quite like spending time with friends you have known most of your life.  Its comfortable, it's fun, and its very very special. 

I won't be posting here until at least New Years Day - that's the other thing I plan to do - stay off the computer.  I will check my emails but that's about it - I don't want to spend my week attached to the computer.

So I will wish you all a Very Happy Christmas.  My wish is for all my readers to have a beautiful memorable Christmas with family and friends.  Celebrate life with life, but also keep memories from Christmas' past close in your heart...

Have a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2012!


Forgotten is the little babe,
Born so long ago;
And the story that surrounds his birth,
Is one some folks don’t know.

The story says some angels came,
To tell about the child;
I guess to our rich cyber world,
This tale appears quite wild.

Three wise men came, or were they kings?
And did they travel far?
How come they walked alone at night,
And followed some bright star?

About that star that shone so bright;
How did it know just where,
The tiny newborn kid would lay;
And who’d it think would care?

Upon a pile of hay it’s told,
The baby’s crib was made.
With animals there, enclosed within,
A barn is where they stayed.

A virgin Mom, a dirt-poor Dad,
And yet they had a King.
They say he came to earth for me;
Whoever heard of such a thing?

I wasn’t even here as yet,
Nor was my family tree.
How’d he know we’d come in time,
How’d he know about me?

They tell me that he loved me then,
And that he loves me still;
Baby Jesus came to fill my heart,
I pray he always will.

However you believe this story goes,
Its one tale always told;
By those with truth and faith and love,
In wondrous pageant bold.

Repeated new each year that comes,
Great story; same great end.
The greatest story ever told,
The greatest story penned.

Dale Graumann

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