Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days until Christmas - The music of Christmas!

Ah - the music...  the wonderful, wonderful music of Christmas.

Which kind is your favorite? 

I start listening to Christmas music in October, and I start singing it shortly after that.  I load and reload my ipod several times over the three months until Christmas, and still I don't run out of Christmas music to listen to. 

I love the modern stuff - the pop Christmas songs, but I have to admit, my passion really is for the classics done by the best orchestra's in the world, and of course the choral pieces done by the best choirs in the world.   Any way you look it,  the music of Christmas is the best.

This year I joined our church choir.  It is a traditional Anglican choir much like the cathedral choirs in Europe.  Much of our material is traditional Royal College Music, it is very challenging, but done right - very beautiful.  Our special night to shine, is in the special Christmas service of Nine Lessons and Carols, and this service will take place this Sunday Dec 18th.

Several years ago I took my oldest brother and his wife to this service.  He is a non church goer, and he was moved to tears many times during the service.  His comment was " I have never heard anything so beautiful - I thought I could hear the angels sing!"

Our service is being recorded this year, and I hope to find a way to put a track or two here for my readers to listen to.  I'm not sure how I'll do that, but I'll try.

In the meantime, Gary and I have been practicing at home - he on the organ, and I on the keyboard.  This tune is one of my favorite Christmas Carols... See Amid The Winter Snow.

I dedicate this to Stewart Thompson, who was my son's Choirmaster for many years with the St. George's Men and Boys Choir here in Winnipeg.  This was Stewart's favorite hymn as well, and when his choir sang this - one truly thought the angels were singing.

Stewart is no longer with us, he passed away a few years ago, but I have every confidence that he is indeed directing the angels in a wonderful rendition of this very carol.

This is for you, Stewart....

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