Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cones and Sliders

Chicago is rich in tradition, and many of those traditions revolve around food. One well-loved tradition is the Rainbow cone. For 82 yrs it has been a tradition of south- siders to visit an establishment on Western Ave, where they make the cones as you wait.

I first was introduced to Rainbow cones 25 yrs ago. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a cone piled high with squares of several different types of ice creams and sherbets and a wafer cookie sticking out of the side of it.

Rainbow cones have survived many generations of ice cream lovers and we just had to have some last night on the way home from downtown.
The same establishment and the same great cones. I must confess even though we were tempted to get the large cone,we didn't... we got the small, and it was fantastic.shapeimage_3.gif

Another tradition are White Castle Sliders. Personally I never could quite see the attraction to these little tiny burgers that you purchase by the sac, but hubby had to have some for lunch today. There are several theories as to why they are called Sliders.. I'll let your imagination conjure up your own ideas... suffice to say, hubby has been spending a lot of time in the can since lunch time!

Two Chicago traditions... sliders anyone?

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  1. I want pictures..and not of the slider