Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little Freeway Humor

My recent journey from Winnipeg to Chicago took us through North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin to Illinois. Here's a little poem about that trip.

Ode to a Freeway

I’m heading down the road today,
On my way to parts unknown.
A couple of days of driving south,
Perhaps I should have flown?

Wide open Dakota prairie,
Sure gives me false bravo.
Can I handle big city freeways?
Well; only God can know!

Before I know it’s on me.
Two lanes; now turned to five.
Oh cripes, the traffic’s horrid;
It’s scaring me alive!

Oh peace the hills of cheese land,
For green is all I see.
Bovine, and grass and silo’s tall,
A quick stop for some Brie.

The tension builds as signs appear,
Announcing Chi town’s state.
The speed is on, while traffic swells,
Our safety now is fate.

Tolls to the right, merge to the left;
I cut how many off?
Construction, semi’s, fools and such,
This drivers’ had enough!

Anger soon transpires to tears,
Add on a cuss or two.
I firmly vow to park my rig,
Yes, that’s just what I’ll do!

“Calm yourself,” Dear hubby states;
“You know we’re almost there!”
I rant and rave some more, poor guy,
Then fix him with a glare.

A few sharp turns, a stop or two;
Arrival now is near.
Relief, euphoria, joy unknown,
And finally we are there.

Don’t think about this drive again,
Says I, to only me.
Relax, enjoy and rest a bit,
Yes lady, that’s the key.

Well now I know just what I’ll do,
Next trip I plan to take.
A simple booking on a plane,
For everybody’s sake!

Dale Graumann

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