Monday, May 3, 2010

Collectors and collections

Is there any of us who haven't started a collection of something at one time or other in our lives? I find it so amazing the variety of collections that can be found in peoples homes.

I have a nephew who collects guitars, a brother who collects toy cars, I collect dolls. But the winner of the best and most collections has to be my Aunt Margaret. She has been a doll and bear collector for years. She is a crafter and makes decorations from eggs - chicken, duck, goose, emu, ostrich, rhea... amazing creations that fill her curio cabinets. Then there are the hundreds of crystal objects in and on the eggs, surrounding the cabinets, and just about everywhere the eye takes you.

For my crafting friends I wish you all could spend a day with this 92 yr old powerhouse. Her mind and her hands never rest. Her home is a museum of her beautiful creations. To a crafter her home is a haven.

She has shared her talents with me all my life and much of what I do today has been taught to me by her and my mother, who were the best of friends and fellow crafters.

Here are some of her creations. Pictures do them no justice but you will get an idea of the special talents of my most special Aunt.

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