Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's been ten days since my last post, I did have some followers before, but maybe they have lost interest in my abscence. I hope not.

The past 10 days have kept me busy with unpacking all my loot from our trip; laundry, laundry, laundry; returning to my full time day job; gardening - you should see the weeds in my flower beds; and all the life things that happen to a person returning home from a couple of weeks vacation. Ten days post trip - it seems like a dream!

I'm almost caught up at work; I almost have the "loot" stored away in the craft room; the garden - well that is a work in progress most of the summer anyway; all the imediate things have been taken care of, so it's pretty much back to the routine of daily living in my house.

Our weather has been glorious! We have been in a heat wave this week - it's capris and sandal time in the Peg! Of course that is the mode of dress of the women over 40, I really can't speak for the younger crowd... but I have witnessed some pretty skimpy outfits these past couple of days.

I find myself caught in a web of indecision as to which pending project I should tackle first. I want to start a nine patch quilt; I have a new angel dress floating around in my head that I'm dying to start crocheting; I have several mini-bears to make for graduations, and a bride and groom set that needs to be done by June. In true Dale form, I'll probably start them all within the same week, and I will toggle between them until they are done.

But the beautiful spring air is calling me outdoors, at least for this long weekend. Some sun, a big pile of dirt, some annuals and maybe even some windex and paper towels will dictate the next few days as we kick off the summer with the first long-weekend of the season. Happy Victoria Day everyone... enjoy the weekend, whatever you do... and be safe...

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