Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Collectors and collections part 2

I wasn't able to upload more pictures so here are a few more. Enjoy...

Some more of her eggs, made by her, and a few of my Aunts Dolls. Over the years she has gotten rid of a lot of them, but there are still a lot here. Check out the doll wall paper in her bedroom.

It has been such fun being here with her these past few days. We have swapped many ideas and she has taught me many new things. I inherited a lot of her crochet cotton stash which at 92 she feels she might not use.

I'm also heading home with boxes and boxes of fabric scraps for quilt making. She has been a quilter for years and has a massive stash of fabric scraps. I have inherited many different types of fabrics, and already I have ideas for quilts I'd like to tackle.

This little home in Janesville Wisconsin is better than any craft store I've been in...

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