Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've always known I should have been born during the Victorian era... I love all things Victorian, and so when I found The Pillar Inn on the internet I booked a room (the Victorian Room) without even giving it a moment's thought.

The Pillar Inn is in Cold Spring Minnesota, about 10 miles off I 94. Its a three storey Victorian home situated on Main street in a town with a population on a little over 1200 persons. Driving down Main street, makes me think of downtown Gladstone Manitoba, or downtown, anywhere small town. There were young boys fishing off the bridge as we drove by. They still use a siren to warn of emergencies (freaked hubby and I out a wee bit when it went off about a 1/2 hr or so ago). People stop and say hi to you as you walk past them on the street.

We are the only guests registered in the inn tonight - it is still off season, and mid-week, so the inn keeper said we could have the run of the whole house. Wow.. my camera is going to be busy. She has laid out cakes and cookies, popcorn, teas, hot chocolates, coffees, sodas and fruit for snacks for tonight. I cannot imagine how full we will be by the time we go to sleep. And then there will be breakfast...

We are 6 hrs from home, and this is our last night on the road, tonight we will relax and reflect on our trip.... and stuff our faces one more time before we get back to reality and a normal diet.

If you are ever in this area... check out this inn... it's beautiful...

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