Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Home, the spot of earth
supremely blessed,
a dearer, sweeter spot
than all the rest.

I worked this into a x-stitch sampler years ago (1994) to be exact, and the older I get the more meaningful those words become.

We are home. None the worse for the wear, tired but happy to have had a safe journey, and happy to have spent time with family members that mean so much to us. Even though the drive down and back was terrible ( seems we were destined to drive in wind and rain storms both ways) we did hit on some beautiful warm even hot weather wherever we stayed.

Spring is more advanced down south, the lilacs are almost finished while ours are just thinking about blooming. My Aunts perennials had flower stalks showing, while mine are barely through the ground. There it felt like summer.. here it really is still spring.

After a day of laundry today I'll tackle some unpacking. The van was loaded down with new clothes, shoes, towels, quilt scraps, and bags and boxes of "things" from Aunt Margaret's house.
The "things" will be exciting to unveil. Some will be assorted craft supplies, some will be dolls, patterns, pictures, one never knows what one will find in an Aunt Margaret box, but already I unearthed a tiny cloth with Battenburg lace.. which has already found it's place on a shelf in my bathroom.

I have enough fabric scraps for 10 quilts, one I'm anxious to start is a Victorian crazy quilt done in velvets, brocades and laces. It would have taken me years to collect enough materials for this quilt - but surprisingly enough - I now have enough to start and finish this project.

Thanks to the Pillar Inn, I now have several ideas on how I would like to redecorate my bedroom. It involves a lot of paint and fabric, but I am confident I can achieve the look I want thanks to about 100 pictures I have of that wonderful Victorian Inn.

Before I leave for the day, I want to wish all Mother's everywhere, a Happy Mother's Day. My son prepared a shrimp stir-fry for us last night for dinner. This coming from the beloved son who 2 weeks ago did not cook... it was delicious, and very much appreciated!

For those of you who have followed my 2 week journey, thanks for coming along on my trip. This blog will continue, but focus more on my Erndales work, my Etsy shop and my writing. Please continue to visit as I work at getting my craft business and my writing up to speed again.

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