Monday, June 25, 2012

The sun has arrived!

Well - finally we got some nice warm sunny weather here in the Peg.  I have been moaning about being stuck indoors for so long due to the rain, that you'd think the minute we had some significant sun - I'd be outdoors.


But I did take advantage of the sunshine in a very productive way!  We washed windows!  Oh my they were so darn dirty - thanks to all that rain, and the wind and the tree sap - yuk! What a mess.  Hubby also washed the outside of the house and the eaves which also were very dirty.  Now our little "Peanut" shines brightly on our little corner of the world.

I had sheers on the front windows in the living room and curtains on the dining room.  In total we have 8 windows across the front of our house, facing east.  I left the windows bare for now, so you can imagine the morning sun pouring into my living room and dinning room... it is wonderful - but all that light shows all the cleaning I have not done in those two rooms - so I had to get caught up on that.  I washed the hardwoods, dusted every surface I could find, and now when the sun shines brightly in my windows everything glows.

Such a nice feeling to have a clean house.

I had an area rug under my table in the dining room, which was in need of a cleaning so I decided to take a chance and wash it myself... I took it outside and hosed it down and then scrubbed it with a carpet soap rinsed it and let it hang on the fence all weekend to dry.  It did not shrink like I thought it would... in fact it looks and smells wonderful.  I decided to put it in the living room for the summer, so I needed to make some socks for my dining room chairs so they don't scratch the hardwoods.  That was my only "crafting" for the weekend.

I used up some old "Phentex" yarn I had and as frustrating as it is to crochet with that stuff, it sure made nice durable socks for my chair legs.  They will last a long time and my floors will be protected.

All the other projects I intended to work on are still waiting on my work table.  But now that the weather is nice I may just be tempted to spend more time not crafting...

Enjoy your day!

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