Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Tour #1

I finally got around to taking a couple of pictures of a few of the plants in my garden that are actually coming to life.  We have had yet more rain, so everything really is lush and green... and believe it or not the gardens are looking pretty nice considering we have had more rain than sun.

So here are the red and white Diannthis (annual) I planted along my sidewalk last year.  I usually pull all the annuals out in fall but these were still blooming well into late fall  so  I left them in the ground.  Imagine my surprise when the snow melted and there they were just like they had never been covered for the winter.  I think they are even nicer this year than they were last year.

There was a small clump of them in this other area that also came back.  Beside them is a little Jacob's Ladder that I moved from another bed into this one.  The intention was for this small bed to be all blue and white - and then the RED annuals came back - so I guess it will be red white and blue - eventually!  There are several more blue plants in here - I have a blue sea holly, a delphinium, some white trumpet lilies and a blue clematis, and along the front where some small iris that will probably bloom next year are I added some blue border type plants (by seed) which are slow in growing and for the life I me I can't remember the name!  Sorry!

New to my garden this year is this beautiful red Poppy.  I have always wanted one of these in my garden and now I have one.

And then the old fashioned favorite Peony.  No garden should be without at least one of these plants - I have several, and they are always such a welcome sight in late spring and early summer.

 I have many many more varieties of plants growing in my tiny little garden. Hopefully I can catch them all in pictures as they show their beauty this summer.

Hope you have enjoyed this short garden tour - there is more to come soon!

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