Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby this and that!

Here are some of the things I managed to get done this past weekend.

Baby flip-flops - which could also be doll flip-flops according to some of my doll collecting friends.

I finished the bonnet I mentioned last week.  It is adorable - I just have to string ribbon through the bottom and make a couple of ribbon rosettes for the sides.

Sorry about the crabby-faced model - I didn't want to
climb up and get the happy- faced doll off the shelf - but really I should have, because crabby face does very little for this cute bonnet.
I am going to try this pattern in thread - I think it will look very "Victorian" in thread.

I also worked on a couple of UFO's - the pink and lime green baby blanket which should have been finished 7 months ago - now I will have to make it larger as the little one that it is intended for has grown.  Good thing the colors lend themselves to a little girl as well as a baby...
Up next?
I'm going to try some baby Crocs...
Will let you know how that goes....

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  1. flip-flops!!! Sooo cute!