Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crochet Chair Socks

Yesterday I mentioned that I had to make some chair socks for the legs of my dinning room chairs so my hardwood floors wouldn't get scratched.  These are really simple to make and are much more durable and last longer than the felts you can buy to glue on the bottom of the chair legs.

I have made them from worsted weight yarn in the past - if using regular worsted weight I would recommend making the circle part that the chair rests upon in double thickness.  Make 2  circles, slip stitch them together and then continue with the rest of the pattern.

The ones I made on the weekend were made from leftover "Phentex" yarn - you know the stuff we used to make slippers from years and years ago.  This yarn never gives up - it will wear like iron.  I don't know if you can buy it anymore - I haven't seen it anywhere in a long time, but I picked up a few balls at a thrift store one time, so I still have some lying around.

Materials Needed:

Worsted weight yarn
Size H crochet hook

Ch 4, Sl stitch in beginning chain to join in a ring.

Row 1
Ch3, 14 dc in ring ( or however many you can squeeze in the ring).  I wanted mine very thick.  Join to top of first ch 3.

Row 2
Ch3, 1 dc in back loop of each dc around, join to top of beg ch 3.

Row 3
Ch3, 1 dc in each dc around.  Join to top of beg chain 3.

Leave a long tail for fastening sock to the chair.

You're done!

Put the socks on the bottom of your chair legs and with the length of yarn weave in and around the leg pulling tightly to secure the sock in place.

Once your chair is back on the floor there will be little chance of these socks coming off the bottom of the chair legs.

Your wood floors will thank you...


  1. thank you very nice i am still trying to make them,guess i will
    just keep trying till i get them right thank you

  2. How can I help? If you can let me know where you are having difficulty, I can help...