Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oh You Big Baby!

I am on a hunt for a model for my 3-6 month Christening gowns.  You'd think with all the dolls I have that one of them would do - but not so.  All my baby dolls are smaller than a 3-6 months size baby.  Of course I do have the crabby face baby doll  - yes it is in pieces and when it is put together it just might make it size-wise - but really - do I want that crabby face wearing something so pretty and delicate?  I don't think so!

Look at the effect crabby face had on the adorable bonnet!  I should retake a new picture on a happy face doll, and you will see what I mean.

So - back to my model hunt.  I  thought about getting a real baby - You know, borrowing one - but that would be pretty inconvenient (for me) and (the baby) to have to spend a day quietly at a sale.  Can you just see it?  Not me... even when my own son was small - I never dragged him to a sale unless his Dad was there to take him right back home again.

No - the model has to be a doll, and my friend Eva has just the right sized baby doll for sale on her website - so I contacted her with my intentions.   I think we have a deal and sometime in the next month or so I will have a model.   Is this just an excuse to buy another doll?  Well perhaps!!

Next question is - should I start a gown before, or after the model arrives?

Time-wise - I should start before.  Size-wise - I should start after... so many decisions! 

I should be making those decisions instead of playing around with crocheting baby shoes.  I love the flip-flop pattern that I used for the ones I posted yesterday - which is not my pattern BTW, but is one I stumbled upon on the net.  I'd really prefer the soles to be right or left-sided and be more fitted instead of just an oval - so I have drawn out a pattern of my own and I will try to work it out in yarn this weekend.  I would also like to make my pattern in multiple sizes (child) - so we will see how that goes.

The really good news is that the sun has come back - and according to the weather people is is supposed to stay well into next week and beyond.  Wow - this will help the mind and body rejuvenate themselves.  Maybe I won't be crocheting at all - Maybe I'll actually be outside enjoying the nice weather...

We'll see........


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