Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Yummy Muffin!

This week seems to be speeding along maybe a little too quickly for me.  It's Wednesday, and already I am feeling stressed because things I should be getting done for this weekend are still on my work table - un-done!

I have several orders for my little angel/fairies for Mother's Day.  I have been working on them, and it really won't take a ton of time to finish them, but so far I haven't done that.  Maybe today will be a better day to get that done.

I seem to be in a baking and cooking zone at the moment.  It is nurses week this week, and every year my co-workers who are nurses, clerks, secretaries and physicians do this extravagant celebration - twice.  On Secretaries week (which we have re-named Paraprofessional week) the nurses and physicians bring us breakfast every morning and give us a luncheon, and usually a gift of something as well.  On nurses week we do the same for the nurses.

Yesterday was my day to bring breakfast, so I made 2 doz muffins ( a dozen Cranberry- Orange muffins, and a dozen Rhubarb-Strawberry).  The Cranberry-Orange were amazing so I thought I would share the link with you.  Try them - they will become a favorite very quickly!

Today is the luncheon in honor of the nurses so I made enough potato salad for 30.  Of course I had to make enough for supper tonight as well, as potato salad is a favorite of my guys too.

I should have been working in my craft room, but instead I finished a book while I waited for the potatoes and eggs to cook. 

Oh well today is another day - an open slate - maybe I'll get motivated ???

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