Friday, May 4, 2012

Planting season is here!

Can you believe it is Friday again, and what happened to the week between last Friday and today?  Seems like I have lost some time while I was off being sick again.  No matter, I am back (somewhat) and I just needed to come and check in and say howdy.

It's been an off and on rainy cool week here.  BUT things are greening up outside - the elm trees are showing bright new green leaves - love the colour of new leaves.  Things are really starting to grow in the gardens now that we have had a bit of moisture, and I am really getting the itch to get out and start digging in the dirt and plant some seeds and new plants.

Remember last fall I moved a bunch of plants around?  Once again I moved things without marking it down, and so now I am wandering around my yard looking lost.  I have no idea what I did last fall, and of course I am extremely frustrated with myself because of it.  There are several variety of plants that I had growing in my garden last year - that have not yet appeared.  I guess time will tell if they will be showing up, or if they will need to be replaced.

I decided to try planting a few new things.  Bee Balm, Hydrangea's for sure, and perhaps a couple of different types of lilies, which still are my favorite flower.  This year I am also going to plant some vegetable's in the beds with my flowers.  I have no room for a true vegetable garden, but I think I can manage to squeeze a few here and there around, just the same.

So off to the weekend we go.  Hope everyone has an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the lovely spring air this weekend. 

See you next week!

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