Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Bitter Pill Swallowed!

I seem to have an abundance of UFO's piling up in my craft space once again.  I get so disgusted with myself when this happens - but usually that disgust actually gets me moving and helps me finish up some of the unfinished items.

One of the items that is in that pile, is a Christening gown I started last year sometime.  It is a fairly time consuming project, as it's crochet in size 10 Ivory thread, but when completed it will be an Heirloom quality piece, which I had intended to sell at one of my sales.

I had started on the skirt first which really is just a rectangle piece of double crochet mesh with a lovely spider motif across the bottom.  I had completed more than half of this piece, and stopped for some reason, and recently I picked it up again with the aim of actually finishing the garment.

The skirt is 148 rows of pattern... I have been working on it at lunch break and noticed that the beginning and where I was working did not seem even.

Here's a hard lesson to have to learn... after working all that fine crochet for all those rows, I discovered that my tension on my second go at this piece is much tighter than when I had worked on it before - so - yeah - the one side is much shorter than the other - even though the same amount of stitches are there.  Great time to discover something like this is NOT when you are about 3 rows from finishing the piece.

What to do, what to do?

I would never be happy with a piece that was not 100% perfect.  Firstly I probably would never finish it, and secondly I would never display it, let alone sell it.

What did I do?

Right  - I ripped it out right down to the original slip knot.  WAAAAAAAAAAA!  So much work, so much time wasted... but a really good lesson that I should have already learned.  Don't start a project of this magnitude and then set it aside unfinished for over a year...

I realy want to make this piece - maybe I'll change it up and make it in white thread instead of ivory - will be like starting something brand new - instead of starting something, AGAIN!  In the meantime, I'll move on to the next thing in that UFO pile!

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