Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome to my Dolly Spa!

Good Tuesday morning everyone.  It was a soggy long weekend here, so instead of being outside digging in my garden as I should have been (had the weather co-operated), I puttered around in the house.

Last Friday I picked up a couple of dolls that I had found locally on Kijji.  Both dolls are vintage.
The little one on the right side is a 1952 Suzie Walker, Canadian Made by Reliable.  She was in very rough shape.  Her hair was very matted, it too me over 4 hours to be able to get the comb through it, and 6 washes and rinses to get it clean.  Her dress was moth-eaten and dirty, but after I washed it I decided to repair it and use it again, as it is very pretty.  It is hand knit wit a fingering yarn, and actually very well done.

The larger doll has a stamp on her neck that says Made in Britain.  She also is a walker doll, and when she walks her head moves from side to side as do her eyes.  She was dirty but otherwise is beautiful shape.  She also is from the 1950's.

So I spent part of the rainy weekend running a dolly spa.

And I think both dolls turned out lovely.  The little one has a couple of spots on her cheeks that I haven't yet dealt with, but I am kind of getting used to her -  spots and all.
I also finished a dress for another of my dolls.  This doll was given to me by my oldest brother for my first Christmas, I was 2 months old.  I played with her as a child, and she has always been my most loved doll.  Susie has been with me for a long time and really needed a new dress.  

She is so adorable... is she not?

Now I need to tackle my craft room - it is a total disaster from playing with my dolls all weekend.  Have a great day everyone! 

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