Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another Weekend Gone!

I hope all Mothers had a fun day on Sunday.  My son treated me to a lovely dinner out which was so nice.  We walked to a nice restaurant near home, I had really really good lasagna and a sinful three chocolate cheesecake for dessert - and then I was uncomfortable for the whole evening... serves me right!

I went back on Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago, and a had lost 2 lbs - but sad to say as of this morning - I have gained those 2 back... shoot!

So now I'm back to writing down everything I eat.  That really is the best method for me to loose weight.  I find when I do this it is easy to eat within my points for the day, and most times I actually finish under my points, which I know you are not supposed to do, but some days I just can't eat all that food.  Fruits and vegs are very filling and now with the new WW points plus - they are free  - how easy is that!

We had a very hot weekend - I was outside in the yard for most of it, and I even managed to get quite a sunburn in the process.  I also managed to get one flower bed completely cleaned out  except for a few well-established perennials.  I have a clean palette and hope to introduce some new plant varieties in my garden.  I am chiseling away at the mess I left last fall.  Hopefully in a month or so, I'll see a much prettier garden.

Gary was in the patio area getting things cleaned up there.  It was "free" weekend here  - our city started this a couple of years ago.  Two weekends a year you are allowed to place items out for anyone to take free of charge.  It's a recycling tactic meant to encourage people to give away unwanted items instead of throwing them in the landfill.  It has become very popular.  We got rid of some plastic lawn furniture, some unwanted lawn and garden equipment and even some house hold items.

The trouble is one just can't help but wander down the street to see what goodies one's neighbours have placed out.  I came home with  huge pots which I will use on the patio, some baskets that I can use as displays in my craft sales, and a outside mat for Molly... all free.  So basically the space we gained from getting rid of stuff, was lost in the stuff we picked up... 

I met many nice people as I worked outside and watched our stuff disappear.  Everyone was appreciative of our offerings, and everyone said ThankYou as they walked away with their free items...  and that was the nicest part of all -

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