Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rain song repeat~

We are still singing the rain rain go away song, and as I watched a couple of my own grown by seed perennials wash away last evening, there was even the odd minor cuss word mixed in with the song.  Not much we can do about the weather, except perhaps hope and pray that the sun comes out soon and stays awhile, but I don't think that is about to happen soon - in fact tonight they are calling for FROST!

I was reminded that last spring was this way too - we were wet and then the sun came out and in the end it was a dry summer.  Could be it might happen again?  Hope so.

In the meantime, things are heating up with Erndales Victorian Crochet, especially my wedding accessories.  I am very pleased to be getting quite a few orders for bridal garters, and wedding bear sets, but also flower-girl purses and shoe decorations.  I will try and post some pictures of these soon.

I have actually run out of wedding bear sets, so this weekend I will have to try and get ahead on those.  I am also amazed at the non-traditional garter colours that have been requested.  Brown with orange - for a fall wedding.  Black with red - just because... pink and white - because a family member has just passed from breast cancer.  It's not always traditional blue for the bride, so really not at all boring repeating the same item over and over.  Of course the big plus with my garters, as they are custom fit to size.  The larger brides really like being able to have a pretty garter, that they can wear above the knee.

So it's back to crocheting at lunch time at work, and in the evenings while watching or rather listening to TV.

Okay - so maybe the rain isn't so bad after all...

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