Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Son

May 18th is one of my favorite days - one of the best days of my life occurred on this day, and I am reminded of that best day every year on this date.  24 yrs ago today, my only child, Jonathan was born - what a proud day for Gary and I and what a blessing he was and still is in our lives.

He has been the easiest person to be around from day one!  As a baby he was quiet, happy and terribly cute; as a child he was sweet and terribly cute; as a teenager he was cool calm and collected - and terribly cute; and as a young man he is strong, kind, loving - and terribly cute!  Did I mention he is terribly cute?  LOL!

Well what do you expect - I'm his Mom!  Guess you can tell how proud I am of my son - and so it shall always be.

Happy Birthday Son -


  1. And I am very very proud of the great young Man he has become! Happy Birthday Son! ,Dad

  2. I am Shari.. I could not help but laugh a little about the story you told about your son.. yes he is cute! LOL Did I mention I am one of new followers? Well I am... I came across your blog through Glor.. and I have to say your fairies are just beautiful!!