Thursday, May 12, 2011

Remember Chip?

Remember Chip?  Of course you do... well he might be coming home tonight to live with us.  The last time we visited him, he was so adorable, cuddly and sweet.  Now he is all those things and an explorer.  The breeder told me he's ready to move out of her home and in to mine.

I worked on his cage on the weekend.  Made him a birdie bed, and a chew toy, but the rest of the cage set-up will depend on him.  I will observe him for a few days to see where his favorite spots will be and then I will add some more toys and things.

The birdie beds sell in pet stores for over 30.00.  I took a good look at one, and decided not to waste my hard earned money when I could make it myself.  Here's the finished product..
Conures love to chew, so I also made him a treat/toy from cuttle bone pieces and a mineral block.  This should keep him busy for a day or so.

I can barely wait until the work day is over... you know I'll tell you all about it tomorrow!

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